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I'm your heroin, your absolute starfuck

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~*~Stay fucking beauuuuuuuutiful!~*~

Destroyed by us baby- Oh yeah
Destroyed by us baby- Oh yeah
Destroyed by us baby- Oh yeah
Millennium concert fuck off!
"love", 'teenying', @};-, a mess of eyeliner&spraypaint, alienation, appriciation, band obsessive, bangle bracelets, behave yourself baby, being a culture slut, bernard butler, blowing bubbles, boys in eyeliner/makeup, braindead motherfuckers, brett anderson, brian molko, caffeine, candy canes and razorblades, catcher in the rye, chatting, cheekbones, combat gear, cuba, dead flowers, decadence, destroy the dancefloor, disappearing, diy destruction, faceless sense of void, fairy wings, fake fur, fanfiction, fangirling the manics, feather boas, generation terrorists, gigs, glam, glittered eyelashes, gothic lolita fashion, guns'n'roses, hanoi rocks, hello kitty, homoerotica, hot sexy welshmen, huge crucifixes, indie fringes, james "ten inches" bradfield, japanese pop culture, jarvis cocker, jizzing into teacups, judge yr'self, kate moss, kill for cakes, king adora, knee-high socks, leather, lies, lollies, lollipops, lonely wreckage, love's sweet exile, maneecs, manics fans, mansun, mental masturbation, miss black america, msp, nicky wire, nicky wire's legs+thighs, nicky's knees, nicky/richey otp!, parodyingthemanics-noreally, pink nail varnish, placebo, playing make believe, poking things with sticks, pop art, pop tarts, porn, pouting at the camera, princesses, pulp, punk rock, rachel stamp, rants, razorblade beat, ribena, richey "android" edwards, richey's bone structure, richey's ribs, sean moore=silent bob!, seanus mooreus, shimmery things, silver wands, simon price's hair, smart beans, smudged eyeliner, snow, spit is in hospital, stalking pretty gothic boys, stars, stay beautiful, suede, sunglass aesthetic, sylvia plath, tabloids, the bell jar, the clash, the glamour twins, the sex pistols, the word "purity", tiaras, torn fishnets, tragically funny, useless generations, vodka tears, whiskey psychosis, winter leaves, world domination, writing quotes on everything, you love us,